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An individual who spends money to have sexual intercourse, usually relating to prostitution

An individual who spends money to have sexual intercourse, usually relating to prostitution

trappin’ step one. adj. The fresh new operate out of coping when you look at the as well as that have promoting pills for the brand new accumulation away from money private get. “Yo, immediately following Larry had one to deal with her or him cartels, he trappin’.”

treat ‘em step one. to correct or confront anyone with a learned needs. To coach individuals. “Your betta dump ‘em prior to We dump ‘em.”

trick 1. “Yo Calvin. Having you to key over here having Jamie?” 2. Also made use of since the a good verb. “The thing that makes Tiffany turning tricks?” or “Oh, he is merely a key.”

triflin 1. v. In order to cheat on the sweetheart otherwise partner or even end up being an effective terrible companion into the relationship. “Rick! Will you be trifflin with Jackie? You greatest hope Tomeka usually do not read . . . she’ll open up a can you!” dos. “Boy, Monica was straight triflin’!” 3. An individual who are annoying and even will get for the peoples anxiety.

Speaking trailing an effective friend’s right back, back stabbing; a person who likes crisis and brings everybody into the to their disorder

trill 1. adj. somebody who are well-respected regarding the streets as they ‘ensure that it it is real’; arises from the language genuine and you will real. “Hey this type of ni##a’s try trill so you don’t have to love no body snitchin’.” Lyrical source: FLO RIDA – Behave like You are sure that my personal gap squad iced out my personal nigga so trill my nigga very trill ack as you learn

trippin 1. v./adv. (produced by “tripping” ) To act such a person who was hallucinating otherwise on the an acidic trip. To do something that anybody else select unusual. “Girl, the reason why you trippin . . . he is not all of that!” 2. To behave in love otherwise aggressive from the some thing otherwise towards anybody. “Eh, woman! I don’t even understand why he feel trippin into me whenever I getting out.”

trolling step one. the latest work regarding on purpose hurtful (simply because you could, you will be private) anybody else on the internet constantly of the trying to cheat him or her on considering you are dedicated to some dispute or section you are seeking to create, or actually fighting them, or stating impolite commentary. “David’s on the web trolling to your remark part of church websites merely because he believes it is fun to help you upset those people spiritual anybody.”

troop 1. letter. a lengthy walking otherwise travels. *Even though this name is not widely used more, it nevertheless contains stating because has experienced explore and might end up being nevertheless inside the flow in a few contexts. “Taco Bell? Which is a beneficial troop and a half.”

truthiness step 1. letter. whenever things appears to be, or is felt to be true, even in the event this is not necessarily genuine.

tunnin’ step 1. v. To battle really well; fight much. A third coast & Dirty Southern title. “Anytime we go to an event, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ step one. v. yard dance otherwise (T.U.R.F.=taking on place on to the floor) meaning having fun with a massive urban area since you moving. This form of moving are regarding the Hyphy, Krumping, or Bucking and you will are originated in Oakland, Ca. “JJ is successful the battle till Rajaad become turfin’ on that deceive and got your aside.”

tweaker step 1. adj. Somebody who was dependent on methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally don’t bed for over forty times, I will bet she’s a good tweaker.”

tweakin’ 1. v. to behave eg someone who has pulled Methamphetamine. Getting excessive hyper otherwise energetic. To behave unusually.

A sexually productive women

tweaking step one. v. So you can snort otherwise cig methamphetamine (crank, speed). Oftentimes people will take it intervenously. “Why are your figiting really, are you presently adjusting once more?”

twigga 1. n. a difference of your own name ‘wigga’ (light nigga), will found in Texas. “Jason is valid twigga, the guy representing them double wide trailers!” 2. n. a black colored person that spends Facebook and you may employs those activities out-of most other black colored anyone. “I recently set every one of my twiggas on another place to struck up this evening.”

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