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History: 1973, Houston Astrodome, played Bobby Riggs on Battle of one’s Genders

History: 1973, Houston Astrodome, played Bobby Riggs on Battle of one’s Genders

P11. Sports: Bonham, Tx, 1943, Reds MVP dos nd baseman during the 1975 76. Hint: He had been an elegant performs horse. A. Dave Concepcion B. Tony Perez C. Joe Morgan D. Pete Rose


P12. Stage/Screen: Isle out of Wight, 1948, classically instructed actor, appeared in of several clips, and French Lieutenant’s Girl and also as Humbert Humbert for the Lolita. But he may getting best-known because the Charles Ryder regarding BBC Television adaption from Brideshead Revisited. Hint: The guy strike as he is beautiful. A great. Anthony Andrews B. Michael Caine C. Anthony Hopkins D. Jeremy Irons

Ferdinand Magellan D

thirteen. More Borrowing: 7 Princes out of Heck represented the newest seven Fatal Sins; which had been the father of your Flies? Good. Beelzebub B. Lucifer C. Mammon D. Leviathan

P1. Art/Culture: Born for the Baltimore within the 1878, while you are operating undercover into the a good slaughterhouse penned The latest Jungle, a keen expos of your Chi town meats-loading organization. Along with won the newest 1943 Fictional Pulitzer. An effective. Jimmy Breslin B. James Reston C. Lincoln Steffens D. Upton Sinclair Idea: 96 th Roadway over

P2. Geo: On this subject day in the 1519, the guy lay out out-of A holiday in greece having four boats and 270 men discover an american approach to Indonesia. He found it, but it was not effortless! Hint: Drew so you’re able to an internal upright. An excellent. Hernan Cortez B. Vasco weil Gama C. Amerigo Vespucci

Riggs [[retired in 1951 with 6 majors) figured to cash in on feminist movement. She whipped him 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. A. Margaret Court B. Billie Jean King C. Martina Navratilova D. Steffi Graf Hint: Tallahatchie

4. Lang: “2nd string” appear originally as to what passion? Hint: Agincourt and you may/or Bunker Good. Archery B. Croquet C. Fishing D. Golf

P5. Lit: Hamden, CT, 1928, great poet married to poet The month of january Kenyon. Regarding the woman passing he composed: “Your own visibility inside residence is nearly once the boring and enormous since your absence.” His memoir prices a good shoebox cover during the a loft regarding a relative’s home: Bits of String too short become Spared. Hint: M*A*S*H flick. A beneficial. Donald Hall B. Robert Bly C. Kenneth Koch D. Charles Simic

P6. Music: On this subject go out inside 1967, it star/musician becomes dad away from twin sons who will one day form her band. Their brother’s identity David, their mother’s Harriet. The guy enjoyed to inquire of individuals what they would do since the better ran dry. Manage they, for-instance, escape and you can cover up? Hint: Seagulls. An excellent. Tony Dow B. Rick[[y) Nelson C. Jackie Wilson D. Duane Eddy

P7. People: Thurso, QC, 1951, 17 seasons good Montreal Canadian, in which he could be nevertheless their all the-day leading scorer; 5 Stanley Glasses. French fans telephone call your ce Devil Blond. Hint: Sesame Highway Smiley. An excellent. Kid Lapointe B. Ken Dryden C. Boy Lafleur D. Henri Richard

P8. Potluck: Produced inside Prussia inside the 1899, it old-fashioned political philosopher and you can theorist created the definition of Reductio ad Hitlerum, “cures in order to Hitler”, and/or habit of someone assaulting other people’s arguments by claiming, “Yeah, identical to Hitler.” Large clue: Cut the final moving personally. A. John Dewey B. Leo Strauss C. Charles Peirce D. William James

P9. Quotes: Kingston-upon-Hull, 1902, great underrated poet, their basic regularity, A very good time Try Got from the All, android hookup apps conceived one to terms. step 1. I-go back at my buddy, i walk on the latest turf, /In addition to times and minutes eg times citation. dos. The fresh new English lady is so slight / She’s got no bosom without about. 3. Marred pleasure’s better, trace helps to make the sunlight good. Hint: Fleetwood Mac computer A great. Kathleen Raine B. Penelope Fitzgerald C. Stevie Smith D. E Jennings

P10. Sci/Tech: Kincardine-on-Onward, Scotland, 1842, conceived this new flask one contains their identity, but which is commonly labeled as a great Thermos. Hint: For example a Scot created four years once your, exactly who unsealed a today popular distillery, he was wanting the latest liquefaction of things. An excellent. Frederick Soddy B. James Dewar C. Glen MacGregor D. Niels Bohr

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